Golf Enclosures and Screens

Golf Enclosures and Screens

Kits and Enclosures

A great golf enclosure makes all the difference in your golf simulator setup. That’s why we offer three different impact screens and the best materials to keep your setup safe. Because who wants to yell “Fore!” in their golf simulator room?

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Kits and Enclosures Help

Whether you're building a golf simulator for your home or installing one in a commercial facility, to create the most authentic experience possible you'll want to have a place where the user can swing freely and hit real golf balls into the golf screen. 

Carl's Place offers two popular enclosure kits, each with a variety of size options and add-ons.

The Carl's Place DIY golf simulator enclosure is the product that started it all. It's affordable, easy to assemble and can fit in virtually any space.

The Carl’s Place Pro golf simulator enclosure is a high-end version available in wider and deeper dimensions with higher-end finishes and more optional add ons.

DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen
As low as $589.95
Pro Golf Enclosure with Impact Screen
As low as $2,794.95

Golf Impact Screens

Can you imagine being pummeled by golf balls for hours on end? Well, our impact screens can. And we have three different levels for your ball striking pleasure.

Standard Golf Impact Screens
As low as $184.95
Preferred Golf Impact Screens
As low as $294.95
Premium Golf Impact Screens
As low as $474.95


‌Look, we all know that there are about 10 million useless golf accessories out there, but we promise that these can come in handy.

Fittings to Design Your Own Golf Hitting Cage
6-inch Black Ball Bungees (each)