Golf Enclosures and Impact Screens

Golf Enclosures and Impact Screens

Kits and Enclosures

A great golf enclosure makes all the difference in your golf simulator setup. Check out the DIY enclosure for home golf simulators, or the Pro Enclosure for a larger space. All made from the best materials to keep your space safe. Because who wants to yell “Fore!” in their golf simulator room?

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Kits and Enclosures Help
Create the most authentic golf simulation possible, with Carl's Place enclosure kits. Two styles. Endless sizes. Each with a variety of game-changing add-ons.

Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

The Carl's Place DIY golf simulator enclosure is the product that started it all. It's affordable, easy to assemble, and can fit in virtually any space. Often installed in garages, sheds, basements, attics, spare rooms, or pretty much any space in your home where it fits.

Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure

The Carl’s Place Pro golf simulator enclosure is a high-end version available in wider and deeper dimensions with higher-end finishes and more optional add-ons. These are often installed in commercial facilities or luxury homes.

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This article 'DIY vs Pro Golf Enclosure' goes into more detail on the differences between the two enclosures.

Carl's Place DIY Home Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit With Impact Screen
As low as $898.95
Carl's Place Pro Golf Enclosure With Impact Screen. Large commercial golf simulator with golf course pictured.
As low as $2,924.95

Golf Impact Screens

Can you imagine being pummeled by golf balls for hours on end? Well, our impact screens can. And we have three different levels for your ball striking pleasure.

Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen With Finished Edge With Grommets
As low as $439.95
Carl's Place Preferred Golf Impact Screen Material with Classic Finishing and Grommets
As low as $298.95
Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screen With Finished Edge With Grommets
As low as $179.95

Golf Simulator Curtains

It's surprising how versatile curtains can be. Create your perfect indoor golf setup with the freedom to slide them whichever way you please.
Golf Room Curtain with Valence
As low as $174.95


‌Look, we all know that there are about 10 million useless golf accessories out there, but we promise that these can come in handy.

Black Ball Bungees for Carl's Place Projector or Golf Impact Screen
9-inch Black Ball Bungees for Carl's Place Golf Impact Screen
Carl's Place Projector Screen Material Sample Pack