Build Your Own Golf Simulator

Build Your Own Golf Simulator

Step 1: Select an Enclosure

The first thing you're going to need for your golf simulator is a good enclosure. The enclosure will provide an impact-resistant projector screen as well as walls and a ceiling to help keep your shots contained. Our enclosures offer top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship, all built right here in house so that we can offer them to you at a price that cannot be beat.

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Kits and Enclosures Help

Whether you're building a golf simulator for your home or installing one in a commercial facility, to create the most authentic experience possible you'll want to have a place where the user can swing freely and hit real golf balls into the golf screen. 

Carl's Place offers two popular enclosure kits, each with a variety of size options and add-ons.

The Carl's Place DIY golf simulator enclosure is the product that started it all. It's affordable, easy to assemble and can fit in virtually any space.

The Carl’s Place Pro golf simulator enclosure is a high-end version available in wider and deeper dimensions with higher-end finishes and more optional add ons.

Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit With Impact Screen
As low as $589.95
Carl's Place Pro Golf Enclosure With Impact Screen
As low as $2,794.95

Step 2: Select a Launch Monitor

The launch monitor is the brains of your simulator. They analyze your swing (using your real clubs and real balls and convert the results into data for the simulator's software. Some launch monitors mount overhead and use high-speed cameras to measure your shots, while others are placed on the ground and use radar technology.

Front of Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor
Front of Uneeker QED Launch Monitor
FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor
Special Price $1,799.95 Regular Price $1,999.00
SkyTrak Golf Simulator Launch Monitor
As low as $1,995.00

Step 3: Add a Hitting Mat

Hitting mats are specially designed surfaces intended to mimic the feel of striking a ball with a club on real grass. When golfing indoors, it's important that the feel of your club hitting your ball matches the real, outdoor experience as closely as possible, and these mats help you accomplish exactly that!

TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat
As low as $496.00

Step 4: Add a Software Package

All launch monitors will come with some software for showing you the data of your shots, with most including at least a driving range or basic playable golf course. But you want more than that, right? These software packages allow you to take your real swing to real courses, and they even let you play in competitive matches and tournaments with other players all over the world!

TGC 2019 Golf Simulator Software
As low as $950.00
E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software

Starting at $300.00

Step 5: Add a Projector

The key to an immersive simulator exerience is a big, beautiful image on your screen. There are thousands of projectors out there to choose from, but we have found that these here offer a good value and great features specifically for golf simulators.

BenQ LH710 Golf Simulator Projector Front
BenQ LU710 Golf Simulator Projector Front
BenQ TH671ST Golf Simulator Projector Front
BenQ LK953ST Golf Simulator Projector Front and Top