Golf Hitting Mats

Golf Hitting Mats

Carl's Golf Mats

Sure, you can hit your chip shot off the concrete floor in your garage or the shag carpet in your rumpus room, but we wouldn't recommend it. What we DO recommend is a nice golf hitting mat. 

Carl's 5x7 HotShot™ Hitting Mat
Carl's 4x9 HotShot™ Hitting Mat
Carl's 4x5 HotShot™ Hitting Mat
Carl's HotShot™ Golf Mat Systems

From $534.95

To $1,578.65

Fiberbuilt® Golf Mats

Performs like real turf with 3 feature-loaded series. Fiberbuilt Grass Series for durability and injury-prevention. Performance Turf Series for versatility and value. Player Preferred Series for advanced players looking for true launch conditions.
Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series - Studio Golf Mat
As low as $1,349.00
Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series - Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green
As low as $2,629.00
Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series - Tee Box
As low as $459.00
Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series
As low as $349.00
Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series
As low as $2,699.00
Fiberbuilt Grass Series Studio golf mat
As low as $1,149.00
Fiberbuilt Grass Series - Hourglass Pro Golf Mat Kit
As low as $799.00
Fiberbuilt Grass Series combo mat
As low as $2,999.00
Fiberbuilt Practice Station - Grass Series

Country Club Elite® Golf Mats

Ahhh, the perfect lie. And not the one you tell your wife. The one that lets your golf ball sit in perfect position for a precise hit.
Country Club Elite Golf Hitting Mat at Angle
As low as $479.00

TrueStrike® Golf Mats

Modular in design, these golf turf mats let you add and remove sections to better fit your golf simulator. Train like a pro with golf mats that act just like a natural fairway.
TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mat Replacement Gel Section
TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mat Extra Range Section
TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat
As low as $758.00
TrueStrike Ball Tray for TrueStrike Hitting Mats

Golf Mat Extras

When your clumsy buddy comes over and somehow manages to take a divot out of your golf mat with his pitching wedge, send him over here to get squared up.

Carl's Golf Mat Tee Pack selection for golf simulators

Starting at $9.95

Carl's tee with driver-height golf ball on golf mat
Carl's tee with iron-height golf ball on golf mat
Carl's Place indoor golf tee, plastic cuttable tee for golf simulators
Carl's Place logoed Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Ball sleeve
Carl’s HotShot™ Trouble Mat Converter
Replacement insert area for Carl's Golf Mat
Big Moss Return Ramp - natural green and bright green colors
As low as $139.00
Carl's Ball Tray with Carl's Place logoed golf balls
Carl's golf club holders
As low as $139.95
Carl's HotShot™ Golf Mat Base
As low as $394.95