TrueStrike Extra Mat Section


TrueStrike Golf Mats offer realistic “fairway forgiveness” technology which replicates the feel of a real fairway. The TrueStrike Range Mat Section includes the molded frame and a section of stance mat. It is perfect for extending the length of your TrueStrike Hitting mat or it can be purchased as a replacement part. This stance mat has pre-punched holes for a tee receiver.

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The Range Mat Section was designed for golfers to extend the length of their TrueStrike Hitting Mat or it can be used as a replacement part. TrueStrike golf mats are fully modular, fully portable, and fully expandable. The TrueStrike Hitting System provides a thin layer of incredibly durable, yet soft, artificial strike surface with a silicone gel insert. This allows the golfer to play through the surface as if it were actual turf. The unique tee receiver system holds the tee so it doesn’t go flying each time you hit a shot.

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What's Included

  • (1) Range Mat (or stance) Section

What's Not Included

This is a replacement part. The complete TrueStrike Mat system is not included

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TrueStrike items ship to US addresses only.



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