Golf Simulator Projectors

We've been helping people find the right projectors since 2006. It has taken most of that time to get a grip on all the specifications you need to know about. We know about them. We like these.

BenQ TH671ST Golf Simulator Projector
BenQ LW600ST Golf Simulator Projector front
BenQ LH600ST Golf Simulator Projector
Optoma GT2000HDR Golf Simulator Projector
BenQ TK700STi 4K UHD Golf Simulator Projector
Special Price $1,599.00 Regular Price $1,699.00
BenQ LU710 Golf Simulator Projector Front
Optoma ZH450ST Golf Simulator Projector
LG ProBeam BU53RG Golf Simulator Projector
Special Price $3,799.00 Regular Price $4,299.00
BenQ LK936ST 4K UHD Golf Simulator Projector

Projector Accessories

Do you like them here or there? We put projectors anywhere. Golf simulator projector mounts and enclosures to keep your projector safe and sound, wherever you want it.

Which to choose?

Projector Mounts Help

Floor-Mounted Projector Enclosure

Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

Need to place your short throw projector on the ground between your hitting mat and impact screen? Protect it with our Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure. More info about our floor projector enclosure.

Flush-Mounted Projector Mount

Projector Mount

A professional-grade, universal projector mount. Ideal for flush-mounting your projector to the ceiling. More info about ceiling-mounting your projector.

Frame-Mounted Projector Mount

Frame Mounted Projector Mount

A professional-grade, universal projector mount with bracket for easily attaching to your Carl's Place Enclosure frame. More info about frame-mounting your projector.

Drop-Mounted Projector Kits

Drop Mounted Projector Mounts

Mount your projector at the perfect height with our Drop-Mounted Projector Kits. Available at varying column lengths to help get your projector at just the right height in any golf simulator. More info about drop-mounting your projector.

Flush-Mount Projector Mount

Starting at $200.00

Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit

From $358.55

To $467.20

Frame-Mount Projector Mounting Kit
Carl's Adjustable Floor Wedges, Set of 2
Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure