BenQ TH671ST Golf Simulator Projector


16:9 Aspect Ratio. Provides immersive 100" gameplay from just 4.9ft!

The BenQ TH671ST Short Throw projector is a great choice for a golf simulator setup. Pair this projector with your Carl's Place Golf Simulator Enclosure for an immersive, true-to-life golf experience.

  • Clear 1080p resolution quality
  • 16:9 native aspect ratio
  • Setup made easy with vertical keystone
  • LumiExpert™ automatically adjusts brightness
  • 3000 lumens for bright images
  • Ultra-smooth 16.67ms input lag

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Projector Mounting Considerations

Part of setting up your ultimate golf simulator experience is nailing down the perfect projector placement. Not all mounting options fit like a glove in every golf room layout. So check out these popular mounting options to see what fits your space.

Mount a Projector Flush to the Ceiling

A favorite placement in golf simulators, securing your projector flush to the ceiling keeps it out of the way of your swing and helps eliminate shadows.

Ceiling Mount

Drop Mount a Projector

If you've got high ceilings or need to fine-tune your projector's height, drop mounting is your go-to solution. You have the flexibility to lower your projector to the perfect sweet spot that suits your setup.

Drop Mount

Mount a Projector to an Enclosure

Check out this method for a rock-solid projector setup. Mounting your projector directly to the frame of a Carl's Place Pro Enclosure offers maximum protection and a clean look.

Enclosure Mount

Protect a Projector on the Floor

Sometimes, the floor is the most convenient place for your golf simulator projector. To ensure it stays protected, get a floor enclosure so you can perfect your swing without worry.

Floor Mount


Made with gamers at the top of mind, the BenQ TH671ST short throw projector works as one of the best for golf simulator software. In your golf simulator setup, not only do you not have to wait for that slow group in front of you, but you won’t have to wait for slow graphics, either, with this budget friendly projector. Rated at 3,000 lumens, a 16.67ms input lag, up to 10,000 hour lamp life in Economic and SmartEco modes and a throw ratio of 0.69:1 to 0.83:1, this is a great diamond-in-the-rough find. And, it also has a zoom lens as an extra bonus for flexibility.

BenQ TH671ST Features

Ultra-Fast Response for Smooth Gaming

16.67ms low input lag and microsecond DMD response time for ultra-smooth gaming experiences without unwanted motion blur and image lag.

Brilliant Image Quality

BenQ LumiExpert™ actively detects ambient light conditions in your viewing environment and automatically adjusts balanced visual brightness.

High Brightness for Lights-On Enjoyment

3000 lumens of high brightness let you watch in relatively bright settings or even with lights on.

Small Space Compatible

TH671ST maximizes thrills in minimal space, requiring as little as 1.5m to project stunning 100” pictures. The shortened throw enables carefree gaming enjoyment without space constraints or setup hassles.

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What's Included

  • TH671ST
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card

Finding an Entry-Level Projector That Fits Your Space

Here we compare two affordable golf simulator projectors, the BenQ LW500ST and the BenQ TH671ST. See which is right for you.

Ordering Information

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BenQ TH671ST Specifications

Projection System DLP
Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness 3,000 lumens
Native aspect ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio (FOFO) 10000:1
Display Color 30-bit (1.07 billion colors)
Keystone Adjustment 1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees
Projection Offset (Full-Height) 102.5%
Light source type Lamp
Light source life (up to)

Normal 4000 hours
Economic 10000 hours
SmartEco 10000 hours
Lampsave 15000 hours

Throw ratio 0.69~0.83 (100"@1.5m)
Zoom ratio  1.2x

PC in (D-sub 15pin) (x1)
Monitor out (D-sub 15pin) (x1)
HDMI in (x2), HDMI-1 (1.4a), HDMI-2 (1.4a/HDCP1.4/MHL)
USB Type A (x1), USB Type A-1 (2.0/Power Supply1.0A)
RS232 in (DB-9pin) (x1)

Dimensions (W x D x H) 11.65" x 8.82" x 4.72"
Net weight 5.95 lbs



“One of the big benefits of having an indoor golf simulator is that they're usually set up walking distance to a refrigerator.”
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