Built-In Golf Room Kit

Create Your Golf Room

Carl’s Built-In Golf Room Kit takes your golf simulator experience to a new level by providing a fully immersive and permanent setup in the dedicated space of your choosing.

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Built-In Look

Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit integrates seamlessly into the room's design, delivering a flawless indoor golfing experience.

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Highly Usable Space

Picture this: a room for perfecting your golf game, hosting a round of 18, enjoying family time, watching your favorite movie. Or, why not all of the above?

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Skill Required

Okay, you won't need a crane, but seriously...
Be Forewarned: This product can be like a challenging par-5. It's designed for handy people skilled at home reno projects.

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Golfer in built-in golf room

Crafted by Carl for a High End "Built-In" Look

Carl’s Built-In Golf Room Kit allows the home or commercial user to transform just about any room into a fully immersive, finished off golf simulator paradise. Allow your turf to lead up to the impact screen; without a bottom border, you'll get that seamless turf to screen visual.

Standard features can include: a Carl’s Place Premium Impact Screen, built-in impact screen mounting kit, and golf simulator blackout panels and mounting hardware.

Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit is ideal for golfers who have carpentry/handyman skills. Creating something as beautiful as this takes some time and work. It’s designed for rooms featuring straight, even 2x4 wood framed walls free of trim boards. If possible, consider using plywood on the walls and ceilings to simplify installation. If your space deviates from this, be prepared to tailor the setup to suit your unique surroundings.

Carl's Built-In Golf Room - Convert Your Room

A Golf Impact Screen That's Built to Fit

Carl’s Built-In Screen fits and installs seamlessly into your room - not a single pipe needed! Along with the impact screen, all you need are the included corner cable anchors, pulley wheels, cables, releasable zip ties, and the starter panels or hook and fastener tape.

Thanks to the use of releasable zip ties and cabled mounting points, the built-in impact screen offers flexibility and versatility in finding the perfect balance between ball bounceback and a taut screen for a top-quality projected image. Once the screen is securely mounted to the cable system, simply attach the flaps from the screen to the starter panels (or strip of hook fastener) to achieve that clean and polished look.

Our screens are meticulously crafted at the Carl’s Place headquarters in Milton, Wisconsin, USA, by the most skilled sewers in the golf simulator industry, so you know they’re built to last.

Golf Simulator Panels

Carl's golf room panels offer a unique twist by darkening and softening your walls and ceiling, effectively serving as your enclosure. These panels easily attach using French cleats and Z clips, to shield your walls and/or ceiling from stray shots.

The panels are made with an inner core and foam padding, encased by fabric on the back of the board and the front of the foam. They are not only custom-sized to fit your specific space, but heavy-duty so that you can swing with confidence and not worry about anyone putting a hole in your wall.

Built-In Golf Room in Basement with Curtains

Pair It With Golf Room Curtains

Carl’s Golf Room Curtain is a great option for temporarily covering doors or windows and is a great alternative to deep enclosure walls. Simply pull the curtain out when you want to play, and drag it back when you need access.

In commercial spaces, curtains effectively separate bays and create private spaces that allow players to focus on their swings and revel in the immersive golfing experience. The fabric blocks out ambient light for the most immersive indoor golf experience. And bonus, it looks great from the front and back for a sleek, professional look no matter where you install it.


Golfer Who Is Loving Their Built-In Screen

"Fantastic customer service, to accommodate a perfect fit for my new simulator. The Carl’s Place Built-In Premium Screen is fantastic!"

Built-In Screen installed in customer golf room

Versatile Setup Options

With Carl’s Built-In Golf Room Kit you can use just the wall-to-wall anchored screen and DIY your walls and ceiling. Or you can get a turnkey approach with panels and curtains from us. It's up to you. Your vision, Carl's craftsmanship.

Built-In Screen Only

Starting at $565

Wall-to-wall built-in screen only.

Built-In Screen with Curtains

Starting at $1,185

Built-in screen with retractable curtains.

Built-In Screen with Curtains and Ceiling Panels

Starting at $2,175 (plus freight shipping)

Built-in screen, with retractable curtains, and padded ceiling panels.

Built-In Golf Room Kit with Screen, Wall and Ceiling Panels

Starting at $3,995 (plus freight shipping)

Built-in screen surrounded by padded wall and ceiling panels.


Nate H.
Has This In His Basement
(and Technical Product Specialist Lead)

Carl's Team Insights: The Built-In Look

My project began with a basement remodel where we had to gut and rebuild the entire basement, which left me considering options of where to put a golf simulator. I chose the Built-In Golf Room Kit because it could easily convert from golf simulator to open entertaining space.

Since I had a limited height, but full control over how to frame out the width in my space I started by considering options that would maintain a true 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. This helped me determine the final width of my wall before the remodel began.

Instead of a full enclosure, I decided to add padded panels to the ceiling and use curtains on either side of the space to keep it easy to change. During the build, we started by mounting the cable anchors and hanging the screen. Once the screen was up and tensioned, we moved on to installing the padded ceiling panels and curtains.

Looking back, I'm happy that I chose a 16:9 format so I can easily switch between golf sim and home theater uses. I'm also happy I used curtains. I can already see the benefits of opening the space up after just one weekend.

Built-In Golf Room Features

Integrated Into Your Room

A built-in golf simulator is arguably the most realistic-feeling and immersive indoor golf setup you can buy.

Once installed, no need to worry about your golf simulator setting. A built-in golf simulator is a more permanent solution, which means it is more integrated into the room’s design. Great for enhancing your property’s value with a built-in golf simulator as a unique selling point.

Maximize (and Multi-Purpose-ify) Your Space

A built-in golf simulator maximizes the space in your room, allowing for more room for freely swinging. Add some nice speakers or a little surround sound and some recliners to your built-in golf simulator, and you’ve now got yourself a legit home theater.

Versatile Setup, Lasting Durability

Flexible setup options allow you to create your own golf room. Select our padded wall and ceiling panels with black woven upholstery fabric, secured by metal cleats and Z-clips. Or opt for our retractable, brushed, velour finish curtains. Or craft your own DIY solution to tailor a protective golf space to your needs.

See how this customer transformed their space with Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit.

How It Works

Installing Your Built-In Golf Room Kit

  1. Plan and Measure by reviewing the setup instructions.
  2. Set the Framework by installing cable and anchors
  3. Hang the Screen via cables and zip ties, then tension it
  4. Protect the Walls with curtains or padded panels
  5. Protect the Ceiling with padded ceiling panels
  6. Get Ready to Golf

Ideal for Installers Skilled in Construction/Trades

To achieve the built-in golf room look, you must:

  • Have a space where a golf screen can be installed on an even plane, 1' away from the wall behind it.
  • Be confident using laser levels to align all components.
  • Be able to demo any trim boards that interfere with screen or panel placement.
  • Anchor lag screws into the top and bottom plate of your walls.
  • Have patience to tension and adjust your screen for a perfect fit.
  • For the wall and ceiling panels, you must use a diagram we provide to visualize and lay out the panel placement.
  • Attach cleats to studs in your walls, or use drywall anchors, then hang each individual panel until you cover the space.

To properly install this golf room kit, you must have the patience and technical aptitude to achieve all of the above. If any of this sounds out of your league, shop our golf enclosure kits. Everything you need for a golf simulator enclosure in a free-standing easy-to-assemble kit. Shop Carl's Golf Enclosures.

Get Started

Tools Needed

For built-in screen

  • Levels (laser level or plumb line)
  • Ladder(s)
  • Drill and driver
  • Drill bits
  • 7/16” socket wrench

For panels

  • Levels (laser level and 3ft level)
  • Ladder(s)
  • Tweezers or hook and pick set
  • Pencil
  • Drill/driver
  • Studfinder
  • Drywall anchors
  • Measuring tape

Watch the Install

We highly recommend reviewing the install instructions to make sure this type of project is up your alley. We've got videos and text, whatever your preference, click the image to check it out.
How to Assembly Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit How to Assembly Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit

Ideal Space Requirements

Make sure you have room in your space to swing fully. We recommend you stand at least 10 ft from the screen, with 7 ft of swing room in every direction.

  • Minimum Room Depth: 18 ft (1 ft buffer space behind screen + 10 ft screen to tee + 7 ft behind tee)
  • Minimum Room Width: 14 ft if you want your tee-centered
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: at least 9 ft is best for swinging

Technical Requirements

With this Built-In Golf Room Kit you can choose to install the screen with or without padded panels or curtains. This kit helps you build the enclosed area where you can golf indoors.

You will still need to add the hitting surface, launch monitor, projector, and a device to run all the electronics.

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