Golf Room Curtain


Convert your multi-use area into a golf simulator with Carl’s Golf Room Curtain.

Choose your golf simulator curtain based on your actual room size, rounded up to the closest option. Includes (1) curtain panel. Ceiling hardware and valence sold separately.

Golf Room Curtains are currently out of stock. We expect to be shipping again in early July.

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Protect What's Outside of Your Golf Area

Add a golf simulator to your garage without losing that ever-important parking space. Or, transform your work-from-home office area into a golf simulator once your workday is over.

Whenever you need to quickly scratch for your golf itch, Carl’s retractable curtain system can help you to instantly cover and protect your surroundings.

curtain used in garage golf simulator
golf simulator with black curtain blocking window

Keep Access to Windows and Doors

Carl’s Golf Room Curtain is a great option for temporarily covering doors or windows and is a great alternative to deep enclosure walls. Simply pull the curtain out when you want to play, and drag it back when you need access.

Immerse Yourself in the Game

High-quality golf simulator curtains play a vital role in commercial golf setups. Curtains effectively separate the bays and create private spaces that allow players to focus on their swings and revel in the immersive golfing experience.

commercial golf simulator space with GCHawks and curtain dividing space
black curtain for golf simulator room

Simple To Set Up. Made To Last

With our add-on heavy-duty hardware kit, you can just screw the steel track into your ceiling joists. Picking out the best place to put your golf room curtain is going to take you more time than actually installing them.

With reinforced grommets and a weighted bottom these curtains will slow down golf balls for a long, long time. The fabric blocks out ambient light for the most immersive indoor golf experience. And bonus, it looks great from the front and back for a sleek, professional look no matter where you install it.


Carl’s retractable golf simulator curtain system helps you build a flex-space golf room. Install your Carl’s Golf Room Curtain along with one of our enclosure kits for a complete golf simulator setup with retractable walls.

Carl's Golf Room Curtain Features

Heavy-Duty Curtains

Curtains are made out of polyester and have a brushed, velour finish that gives it a luxurious feel and look. A sewn-in bottom weight helps create heavy curtains for your golf simulator to help with blocking shots. The top edge with grommets has webbed reinforcement to ensure longevity.

Blackout Curtain Material

Curtains are made out of black, opaque, light blocking/absorbing material to help your projector provide a bright, colorful image on your impact screen for a more immersive experience. They look great from the front and the back so you can install them anywhere and get a professional golf room.

Retractable Golfing Space

Carl’s golf simulator curtains have a grommeted top edge to hang on the hooks attached to the drape tracks. The curtain track system then provides smooth rollers and rails that allow you to easily retract. An optional valance covers the track to achieve a polished look.

Mount to the Ceiling with Hardware Kit Accessory (Sold Separately)

Curtains and tracks are only able to be mounted to the ceiling (not the wall) at this time using the curtain hardware kit (sold separately). Curtain Hardware Kit comes with heavy-duty steel track(s), industrial quality rollers, stops, and screws to install your curtains. For assembly, users will need a screwdriver or drill, a ladder and a tape measure to help mark placement. A friend would be helpful as well.

Get Started

Golf Simulator Curtain Sizes

Room Height Range: 85”-120”

  • To fit the ceiling hardware and achieve a nice draped look, your finished curtain will be 2 inches shorter than your specified room height.

Depth Range: 4, 8, or 12 feet (tracks come in 4-foot sections)

  • Again, to get that draped look, we'll add extra curtain fabric width-wise. You just tell us the depth you want to cover and we'll do the math to make the curtain the right width.

Golf Room Size Considerations

  • Recommended 10 feet between impact screen and tee area
  • Recommended 12+ inches of buffer space between the curtain and any wall or object on the other side.
  • What in your surrounding area do you want to protect from a potential errant shot?
  • Do you want just an extension to the side walls of your golf simulator for a little extra protection?

Made to Order

The curtains we make for your golf room are made to order by our team of experts. Your delivery date will appear in your shopping cart.



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