Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain


Designed to coordinate perfectly with the Carl's Golf Room Curtains, these hardware kits let you ceiling mount your curtain. Heavy-duty galvanized steel track that's easy to install. Easy to use. Let your curtains smoothly slide along your golf simulator.

The length of the hardware is specific to the curtain depth. Select the same depth as your Golf Room Curtain for your track to fit properly.

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So, you've already purchased a Golf Room Curtain and you’d like to get the hardware kit to ceiling mount it in your indoor golf setup. Let's get you the right size to fit your curtain.

Curtain Hardware Kit Features

Ceiling-Mount Your Golf Room Curtain

This hardware kit includes everything you need to hang Carl's Golf Room curtain from the ceiling of your golf room.

Simple Installation

Just line up the tracks where you want to install the curtain. The track(s) screw into joists, then you slide in the rollers, and hang the curtain.

Get Started

What's Included

48" Depth 96" Depth 144" Depth

(1) Galvanized Steel Track
(12) Industrial Quality Rollers
(2) Stops

(2) Tracks
(24) Rollers
(2) Stops

(3) Tracks
(36) Rollers
(2) Stops

What's Not Included

This product is designed to be an add-on that pairs with the Carl's Golf Room Curtain. This item purchased on its own does not include any other components to build a golf simulator.

Sized To Fit

You must choose the hardware kit size that matches the depth of your Golf Room Curtain. The track lengths are unique to each curtain depth. If you need help, contact us to make sure you get the right size hardware kit.

Designed to Hang Golf Simulator Curtains

This hardware kit is for use with Carl's Golf Room Curtains only. It is not intended for use with our impact screens or projector screens.



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