9-inch Black Ball Bungees (each)


Looking to mount your grommeted screen? These 9-Inch Black Ball Bungees from Carl’s Place are recommended for mounting your finished edge screen to any truss system, freestanding or hanging kit. 

These longer 9-inch bungees (compared to our 6-inch bungees), allow the screen to hang looser and avoid potentially dangerous golf ball bounceback.

Easy Installation
Top Technology
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Take all of the guesswork out of making your own enclosure or frame with these reliable bungee cords.

Ball Bungee Features

Strong Materials

These 9-inch Ball Bungees with toggle balls from Carl's Place are the best you can find. Made from the highest quality virgin rubber, they're built to last without fraying or stretching at a value price that still beats lower quality options.

Easy Attachment and Removal

Designed for use with Carl's Place golf impact screens, these bungees easily attach, remove, and adjust any of our grommeted screens.

Convenient Tension Adjustment

These 9-inch bungees give you even more flexibility in customizing your preferred bounceback than our 6-inch bungees. While all Carl’s Place Golf Enclosure Kits include our 6-inch bungees, users sometimes prefer to customize the tension.
Now you can adjust the tension of your golf impact screen by:

  • adding bungees
  • removing bungees
  • swapping some of your 6-inch bungees for 9-inch bungees
  • using any combination of 6-inch or 9-inch bungees

Available in Any Quantity You Need

One ball per 9-inch cord, these black bungee cords are available in any quantity.
Makes adjusting our impact screens simple!



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