UNEEKOR QED Marked Golf Balls

Upgrade to premium Bridgestone golf balls or simply have extras to step up your game. Sold in quantities of 24 (two dozen), Bridgestone golf balls are carefully engineered by a team of experts to fit your individual style of play. We believe they're the best golf balls in the industry. 


Easy Installation
Top Technology
Customer Service
Made in America
Best Material


If you're looking for a more premium golf ball offering to use with your UNEEKOR sensor technology then these official Bridgestone golf balls, made especially for the QED, will be a great solution. Whether you need speed, spin or distance this ball has you covered.

  • Includes 24 (two dozen) marked balls
  • Designed for use with the UNEEKOR QED Golf Simulator
  • Markings allow for direct spin measurements




“They say golf is a good walk, spoiled. Well, what if you took most of the walking out of it?”
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