Uneekor EYE XO2 Performance Optix Package


Golf with the tools and insights to unlock your true potential.

The Uneekor EYE XO2 Performance Optix Package with HotShot Golf Mat includes everything you need for true on-course simulation. Uneekor's newest Balance Optix mat works with the Swing Optix Camera Set for in-depth biomechanical insights, providing golfers with the ultimate toolkit to enhance their game.


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Carl's Pro Enclosure

Pro Enclosure with New Floor-to-Fairway Screen

Immerse yourself in the game with the new C-Series screen. It offers a floor-to-fairway bottomless image, making you feel like you're right on the course. This comprehensive package includes everything you need to create an immersive golfing experience right in your own space. With sturdy pipes for building the enclosure frame and foam to cushion it, assembling your dream golf enclosure has never been easier.

Uneekor EYE XO2 in golf simulator

Uneekor Sensor Technology

Experience unrivaled ball tracking precision with the EYE XO2 Launch Monitor. This cutting-edge technology provides actual club impact and ball spin videos for each shot, giving you game-changing golf data. Plus, it comes with a protective case and mount for easy installation on your Carl's Pro Enclosure. Elevate your game with precision and convenience.

Golf Swing Optix Cameras with Balance Optix Mat

Transform Your Swing Dynamics

Perfect your swing with the Swing Optix Camera Set and Balance Optix Mat. Featuring two cameras for face-on and down-the-line analysis, along with the weight transfer mapping mat, you'll have a biomechanical golf training system that uncovers the secrets to improving your game.

Slow-motion, high-definition video to capture every detail. Real-time data on your weight transfer, center of pressure, and vertical force. Visualize your swing like never before.

Carl's HotShot Mat with Trouble Mat insert

Master Every Shot on the Course

Experience the game-changing Carl's HotShot Hitting Mat, designed to elevate your golf practice. Did you know...Uneekor's Trouble Mat fit right into the precut section of Carl's HotShot Hitting Mat, transforming your practice into a real-world golfing experience. We'll include our Trouble Mat converter strip, for a seamless hitting surface where you can hit shots from the fairway, the rough, and even the "sand" right in your own space. Don't miss the chance to improve your game like never before! 

BenQ LK936ST Projector

BenQ LK936ST Golf Simulator Projector

The BenQ LK936ST projector gives you a high-definition golf simulator image that is easy to set up. With lens shift capabilities and all the upgrades, you'll get your image in the perfect spot for a seamless image and immersive, true-to-life golf experience.


Reviewer TBD
Indoor Golf Specialist

Carl's Team Insights

Our team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to put the Balance Optix Mat through its paces and provide you with a comprehensive review. We'll take a close look at its usability, accuracy, and how it integrates with Uneekor technology.

Stay tuned for our full review, where we'll delve into the details and share our insights.

Uneekor EYE XO2 Performance Optix Package with HotShot Golf Mat Features

This incredible package combines cutting-edge technology and premium accessories to supercharge your golf experience. Here's what you get:

  • Carl's C-Series floor-to-fairway golf enclosure with premium impact screen
  • Pipes and fittings to construct your frame
  • Foam inserts to protect your frame
  • 1 shot-slowing ceiling baffle
  • Uneekor EYE XO2 launch monitor with protective case
  • Player Package plus 3 Month Trial of Champion Package
  • Set of 2 Swing Optix Cameras with software license and choice of wall mounts or tripods
  • BenQ LK936ST projector
  • The Ultimate Hitting Area! With Carl's HotShot Golf Mat, Uneekor's Trouble Mat with areas of rough and bunker, plus the converter strip that makes it all fit together seamlessly
  • Balance Optix Mat
  • Mounts to attach the launch monitor to your enclosure frame, and your projector to the ceiling

Carl's Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Black knit ceiling panels well as the left and right black wall panels offer a high-end, ultra-smooth finish. Our Premium Golf Impact Screen is made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester.

Memory foam inserts that surround the screen to protect shots from striking the frame.

This kit includes pre-cut and marked 2-inch EMT pipe in the exact lengths required for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit - no pipe cutting or hauling required!

Pipes/Steel fittings and elbows to construct all frame joints and corners.

Uneekor EYE XO2 Launch Monitor

Precision meets performance with the overhead-mounted EYE XO2 Launch Monitor. Featuring three high-speed infrared cameras, it offers an expansive hitting zone that accommodates both left-handed and right-handed players seamlessly. Improve your ball striking with the EYE XO2, which records essential ball data, including spins and launch angles, and club data such as speed, path, and attack angle, all using unmarked ball tracking technology.

Balance Optix Mat

Designed for golf teaching professionals, FlightScope Learning is an online education platform. Get certified with industry-recognized golf courses.

You'll hone your skills and help other golfers using FlightScope technology. An added value to students and customers in your teaching or fitting practices.

Uneekor Swing Optix Camera Set

Unlock the secrets to a flawless swing with the Uneekor Swing Optix Camera Set. Advanced technology provides detailed swing analysis, allowing you to mark and review every aspect of your swing for improvement. Whether it's the face-on or down-the-line view, our high-definition, slow-motion video captures what matters most, helping you fine-tune your performance.

The Do-It-All Hitting Surface

Carl's HotShot Hitting Mat offers an anti-fatigue surface for your practice routine. Uneekor's Trouble Mat fits seamlessly into the pre-cut section, giving you a real-world golfing feel. Plus, we've included the Trouble Mat converter strip for a seamless hitting surface.

Perfectly Smooth Image

Enjoy indoor golfing in stunning clarity with the 4K BenQ LK936ST projector and the ultra-smooth Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen. Whether you're at home or in a commercial golf simulator, this duo gives you a picture-perfect view of the fairway.

Convenient Accessories for Easy Setup

When it comes to setting up your golf simulator, convenience is key. That's why we include the custom-machined Uneekor Launch Monitor mount to secure your EYE XO2 to the Pro Enclosure. This package also includes a projector mount designed for easy and secure placement, ensuring your screen displays the perfect image every time.

Get Started

Ideal Space Requirements

Give yourself about 7 ft on every side for the most comfortable swing. You don't want to feel like you'll bump into anything. To stay safe from bounceback, you should stand back 10-12 feet from the screen.

Check the actual outer dimensions of the enclosure to make sure it fits your space.

Check size details.

How To Choose Your Enclosure Size

Pro Enclosure Kit Actual Dimensions

For exact enclosure dimensions of our standard sizes, see the Pro Enclosure Specifications chart. Check the actual dimensions of the enclosure to know how big of a golf simulator your space can fit.

Make sure to leave room for buffer space. 12" at the rear is recommended. A minimum of 9.5" is required to fit the rear fittings. See more details about buffer space in this article, 'How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator Enclosure Size'.

Our team is happy to help you find the right size for your space. Feel free to chat with us live, send us an email, or give us a call at 608.352.0002.

Technology Requirements

You'll need a computer to run your launch monitor and software.

Requires: Intel i5 8400 (Not compatible with Mac iOS), 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1060 (AMD: 3rd gen Ryzen or higher and AMD Ryzen 3600X or higher (AMD 2700 is not compatible), Windows 10 (64 bit) Version 1803 or higher, Ethernet Port Required

Ordering Information

Shipping Limitations

This golf simulator package ships to US locations only. Contact us for non-US bundles.

Multiple Shipments

Your order may arrive in separate shipments.


Golf Simulator Set Up

See the install of a Carl's Place Pro Enclosure.

See us frame mount a Uneekor Launch Monitor.

How to prevent your impact screen from getting dirty.

  1. Use white balls without dirt, grass or marker on them.
  2. Clean your clubs often - it will also benefit parts of your game like ball spin.
  3. Store your screen in a safe, clean and dry environment - if you ever need to pack it away.
  4. If possible, stay away from keeping it folded in a box for a long time to avoid longer-term creases and wrinkles.
  5. Make sure you use the right side of the screen; the front has a Carl's Place logo in the corner. Your new impact screen has a front and a back, and only the front is rated to withstand the impact of real golf balls.

Read more: 'How To Clean Your Golf Impact Screen, and Make It Last'.

Safety Tips

Please make sure to take proper safety precautions to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars, and neighboring homes. Keep children, pets, and spectators out of swing range.


“Keep your sense of humor. There’s enough stress in the rest of your life not to let bad shots ruin a game you’re supposed to enjoy.”
Amy Alcott
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