Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Package


Adults and kids alike enjoy time in this feature-packed golf simulator.

Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Simulator Package provides accuracy and fun in one amazing indoor golf package. Develop your swing with the accuracy of Mevo's 3D doppler tracking. Entertain the family with games from Creative Golf 3D. Bundled with a golf enclosure kit that's easy to set up and you've got everything you need to golf indoors.

Choose which enclosure size fits your space to get started.


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Carl's DIY Enclosure in the Mevo+ Tee Party Golf Simulator Package

Play Golf In Your Own Home

With the Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Simulator Package, you can hit the course anytime. Easily build your indoor golf simulator with our do-it-yourself design. Includes the wraparound enclosure, wall-to-wall turf, and more amazing accessories.

Carl's DIY Enclosure with Mevo+

Powerful 3D Doppler Radar Tracking

Trust the accuracy of the Mevo+ Launch Monitor. With its 3D doppler radar tracking capability, you'll build confidence and consistency in your swing.

Premium Golf Impact Screen

Smoother, Clearer Images with Premium Golf Impact Screen

View your training in high definition with our heavy-duty tight-knit premium impact screen. Noise from the golf ball hitting the screen is muffled by a padded center layer. The best surface a golf screen has to offer.

BenQ LU710 Golf Simulator Projector

Play Your Course with Accurate, True Color!

Included in the Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Simulator Package, the BenQ LU710 projector lets you have a realistic immersive golf experience.

Creative Golf 3D screenshot of practice menu

Practice Made Fun with Creative Golf 3D

With this package, you get real-time ball trajectory tracking measurements in the Mevo+. Along with 10 E6 Connect courses and 17 practice ranges included for iOS and PC. Plus, 130 additional courses with Creative Golf 3D!


Enjoy golfing with family and friends in your own home with  Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Simulator Package. Carl's DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Screen is easy to set up, you'll need about an hour. With this golf simulator package, you'll get the pipes and fittings to construct your frame. We'll send you the black fabric walls and ceilings to enclose your space. Plus, our premium golf impact screen to catch your shots.

For the flooring of your simulator, you'll get wall-to-wall turf with a golf mat for hitting (and cushioning any divots).

The brains of this golf simulator are in the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor. With 16+ data parameters like club speed, smash factor, launch angle, and more, you'll have the tools you need for adding consistency to your swing. We help you set up the Mevo+ properly with our alignment stand. Plus, Creative Golf 3D software gives you extra skills training with entertaining games and challenges. Visualize it all on the screen with the popular BenQ LU710 Projector, mounted to the ceiling with a universal mount.

All you need is your device to run the Mevo+ and you'll be swing-ready!

Mevo+ TeeParty Golf Package Features

DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure with Premium Impact Screen

Our fan-favorite DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit makes your enclosure assembly straightforward enough for any home golfer.

Choose which size golf enclosure fits your space.

The high-quality, black nylon enclosure surrounds your impact screen to protect your house, garage, shed, or wherever. The premium golf impact screen catches your golf ball while providing a smooth projected image.

Mevo+ TeeParty™ Golf Simulator Package includes:

  • C-Series golf enclosure
  • Pipes and fittings to construct your frame
  • Premium golf screen
  • Foam insert kit
  • FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor
  • Launch monitor alignment stand
  • Creative Golf 3D software
  • BenQ LU710 projector
  • Wall-to-wall Big Moss Turf
  • 5'x8' Country Club Elite golf mat

Ideal Space Requirements


For this setup, you'll want 19' of depth in your room. You need to keep the enclosure 1' away from the back wall, plus 10' from tee to screen, plus 8' behind the tee for the Mevo+ to read the ball.

FlightScope Mevo+ Space Requirements - 9'Hx14'Wx19'D

Height and Width

The room size you need depends on the enclosure size you choose. Check the actual outer enclosure dimensions, then add a 2"-3" buffer space on each side of and above the enclosure. That way you don't have golf balls hitting the walls or ceiling.

Check size details.

How To Choose Your Enclosure Size

DIY Enclosure Kit Actual Dimensions

Our standard DIY Enclosures list their actual outer dimensions on this DIY Enclosure Specifications chart. Check the actual dimensions of the enclosure to know how big of a golf simulator your space can fit.

Make sure to leave room for buffer space. 12" at the rear is recommended. A minimum of 8.25" is required to fit the rear fittings. See more details about buffer space in this article, 'How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator Enclosure Size'.

Our team is happy to help you find the right size for your space. Feel free to chat with us live, send us an email, or give us a call at 608.352.0002.

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