Face Impact Location for Mevo+


Upgrade your Flightscope Mevo+ Pro Package with Face Impact Location

How consistent is the impact location on your golf club? Find your perfect golf impact position with the Face Impact Location upgrade for FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitors. Available for Pro Package users only.

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Face Impact Location is an upgrade for Mevo+ Pro Package users. Take advantage of this unique new feature in the FS Golf app to work on consistently making contact in the center of the club face. Face Impact Location gives users the opportunity to work on accuracy and consistency with wedges, irons, and woods. Improve your performance with instant feedback on every shot.

Face Impact Location for Mevo+ Pro Package Features

Precision Mapping

View the precise location of impact for every club and compare it to the data for that shot. Face Impact Location also adds two additional data parameters: lateral impact and vertical impact.

Heat Mapping Visualization

Heat mapping visualization provides a visual distribution of impact location for a specific club over the entire session. The heat map is designed to give users a face impact overview for an entire session.

Shot Grouping

Shot grouping allows users to see their face impact location for every shot in that session. Get a complete picture of accuracy and consistency for every club in your bag.

Ordering Information


Face Impact Location is available for Mevo+ Pro Package users only. You must have a Mevo+ Pro Package add-on, or in the process of purchasing one in order for Face Impact Location to work with your unit.

Digital Download

You will receive an activation code via email within 2 days of purchase.



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