7.7x7.7 Foot Standard Impact Screen Finished With Black Vinyl Edges and Loop Fasteners (Remnant/Clearance)


Sometimes we find items that are still very usable, but cannot be sold as new. Usually it's returns that got a little dirty or materials with minor defects. Clearance items are pre-packed for shipment so we cannot tell you the exact defect. Because they are pre-packed, it is highly likely your screen will arrive with more creases than if you purchase new. This article How to Clean Your Impact Screen has great details on cleaning and de-wrinkling a screen. However, if a noticeable defect will bother you, please shop our new items.

Sold as-is. Prices are good while supplies last. All sales are final.

Products listed in inches are full outer dimensions. If not listed in inches, see this dimensions chart.

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