Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen


Pro Golf Enclosure Kits are engineered for high-end and commercial golf simulator installations. The new C-Series design has been reimagined, now boasting an impact display that flawlessly meets the floor, eliminating excessive rebound and ensuring an undisturbed golfing atmosphere.

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Engineered for Upscale Golf Simulator Installations

Carl's Pro Golf Enclosures allow for large bays (20' wide or 20' deep). They're perfect for commercial golf simulators, golf lessons, and luxury homes. Allow your turf to lead seamlessly up to the premium triple-layer golf impact screen. Without a bottom border, you'll get the most immersive golf simulator experience possible.

Standard features include: a black knit fabric enclosure, connector fittings that fit 2" EMT pipes (pipes sold separately), and a premium golf impact screen. Whether you choose all the bells and whistles or just the basics this product will bring your indoor golf simulator to life!

Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Escape Golfing Hazards

Steer clear of water hazards and safety hazards alike with Carl's Pro Enclosures. The innovative golf impact screen system uses releasable zip ties and a bottom cable, preventing most golf ball bounceback. And all the practice hours you'll get in! Get ready for a no-bounceback, stay-in-the-fairway kind of golf experience.

Pro Enclosure Foam Edge

Easy Add-Ons For All-Inclusive Installs

Get everything you need delivered to your door so you can install your professional golf enclosure kit hassle-free. Conveniently add on safety foam inserts and structural pipes. After a quick assembly, integrate your electronics, and you'll be all set to start teeing off!

Carl's Place Pro Enclosure

Go Big or Go Home

Do you want to swing your club outside the enclosure or golf while entirely inside it? Either way, Carl's Pro Enclosures come in sizes large enough for any indoor commercial golf simulator.

Need something to fit your particular golfing space? Pro Enclosures can be customized to fill your exact need.

Customize My Golf Simulator


Crafted from top-tier materials, you can install this Pro Golf Enclosure in a commercial golf simulator or an upscale home. With hand-sewn golf screens and deep bays, these professional golf enclosures are both durable and beautiful. Carl's Pro Golf Simulator Enclosures will make an indoor space feel like you are truly on the golf course.

Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Includes:

Premium Golf Impact Screen

Made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester. This is the smoothest surface available on a full-impact material.

Black Knit Enclosure

Black knit fabric surrounds your enclosure, shading your screen for a bright, clear image. The ceiling and side panels catch any errant shots, and with the smooth, black finish, they look good doing it.

Steel Fittings

The Pro Golf Enclosure Kit includes the steel fittings and elbows to construct all frame joints and corners. Pipes sold separately.

Ball Bungees and Zip Ties

We include all the fasteners you need to secure your enclosure and screen. Releasable zip ties provide you with a plethora of options for tensioning your impact screen. And we give you enough ball bungees to find the perfect balance of tension for your specific swing style. Depending on how close you're hitting to the screen, ball speed, clubs used, and spin rates, you can adjust them all to find your sweet spot between tension and slack.

Optional Add-Ons

Pipe Framing Kit

Our Pipe Framing Kit is optional, but the pipes to build your frame are not. Skip the trip to the hardware store, this Pipe Framing Kit includes pre-cut and marked 2-inch EMT pipe in the exact lengths required for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit - no pipe cutting or hauling required!

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Orders with a 'Pipe Framing Kit' ship freight.

Please review these requirements for freight shipping.

You or the recipient needs to be present at the time of delivery and assume responsibility for unloading the pallet or be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of delivery. The heaviest box is likely to weigh about 50 pounds. ***Customers who are unable to unload the pallet box-by-box should add lift gate service.*** Price is an estimate that is valid to most locations.

Safety Baffles

Baffles hang down from the ceiling to help catch and knock down high-angle shots that might bounce off the golf simulator screen. A fantastic option to protect golfers particularly in commercial golf simulators.

Foam Inserts

Surround your screen with soft memory foam to protect shots from striking the enclosure frame.

Back Cover and Back Cover Pipe Kit

Add an optional back cover to keep ambient light from leaking in or projector light from leaking out. You’ll feel like you’re actually on the fairway in the brightest and most immersive experience possible. Pipe kit for the back cover sold separately. If you're already cutting your own pipes for the enclosure, we imagine you may want to save some money and cut your own for the back cover as well. Or you order your pipes from us and get it all ready to assemble.

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Made to Order

Pro Golf Enclosures are made to order to perfectly fit your space. Add the enclosure to your cart to see shipping options and your estimated delivery time. Because each enclosure is made to order, cancellation and order change policies apply.

Custom Commercial Golf Enclosures

Finally a golf simulator customization tool that lets you build the EXACT size commercial golf simulator you need. And walks you through all the extras that go with it. Customize My Golf Simulator.