Carl's Golf Mat Tee Pack

If you need a great starter set to pair with your golf hitting mat, we’ve got you covered. Designed to perfectly fit Carl’s Anti-Fatigue Golf Hitting Mat, the rubber tee holders hold your tee at the height you need to perfect your swing. Tee off with a Carl’s Iron Tee from just about flush with your hitting mat, or with a Carl’s Driver Tee that can hold your ball 1.75 inches above your surface.

For use in a golf simulator, these tees are black in color to avoid launch monitor ball reading interference.

Carl's Golf Mat Tee Pack comes with:

  • 3 Carl’s Rubber Tee Holders
  • 6 Carl’s Iron Tees (1.66 inches)
  • 6 Carl’s Driver Tees (2.66 inches)
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