Black Felt Tape for a Contrast-Boosting Border


A go-to contrast tape for projection screens, our Carl's Place Black Felt Tape adds a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border to your screen that looks and feels smooth just like velvet!

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Black Felt Tape

Get the Perfect Contrast on your DIY Projector Screen

Perfect for your fixed projection screen wooden frame or wall mounted projector screen, you can cover staples and more for a polished, professional look! Meant for permanently installed projection screens, it's an attractive way to add the finishing touches. Each roll is 60 feet long, has an adhesive backing and includes a peel-off liner for easy application to your screen.

Peel off backing

Peel. Stick. Easy.

Made with adhesive backing with peel-off liner, it's non-reflective and light absorbing, and looks and feels like velvet! Engineered to absorb any light bleed off the edge of your screen, our felt tape is a very deep black color. Having it surround your screen will provide a perceived boost to the contrast of the projected image by giving the viewer an excellent reference for black.


Note: Tape should not be installed under tension. For best adhesion, take care to ensure that you're not pulling on the tape as you install it. Black Felt Tape is recommended for use with our raw Projector Screen Materials where the screen will not be moving. Not recommended on screens that will be rolling or folding and not recommended to provide any sort of structural fastening.