EYE MINI Power, Indoor Price: Gear up for indoor golfing without the top-tier cost.

The EYE MINI LITE by Uneekor – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled simplicity. Setting up is as easy as connecting to your PC, smoothly unlocking indoor practice sessions and virtual golf rounds.

Dive into a realm of golfing excellence with access to thousands of world-class courses. Whether you're exploring the advanced Uneekor Refine+ and Gameday systems, or embracing other popular third-party software options, endless golfing adventures await your swing!

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EYE MINI LITE with View Software

See Golf Differently with the EYE MINI LITE

Notice the difference in your indoor golf practice with the EYE MINI LITE, complete with Uneekor's VIEW software. Track your swings in your golf simulator for multi-angle analysis and instant feedback that'll have you saying, "Holy Mulligan!"

EYE MINI LITE in golf simulator

Conquer the Fairways with the EYE MINI LITE

Bring the golf course indoors with the EYE MINI LITE. Provides highly accurate real-time ball readings and feedback to help you develop your swing for your best game yet.


EYE MINI LITE includes all the features you anticipate from a Uneekor launch monitor. Simply connect to your PC, and voila! Immerse yourself in your indoor golf haven right out of the box. Elevate your game precision with EYE MINI LITE. Transform every swing into insightful data, capturing the subtleties of your technique with Uneekor's renowned accuracy. Unleash the power of each shot as you meticulously work through your golfing journey.

Uneekor EYE MINI LITE Features

See Your Club and Ball at Impact

Replay the impact moment of your club in exquisite detail: witness your swing before, during, and after impact at an impressive 180 frames per second. Dial in your ball striking, experiencing real-time insights into what you feel with Club Optix.

2 High- Speed Cameras

Equipped with dual high-speed cameras, the EYE MINI LITE empowers players to capture a comprehensive range of precise data, all while using the ball of their choice.

All The Optix

The EYE MINI LITE seamlessly works with Swing Optix and Balance Optix as well. Solely Uneekor provides this integrated dynamic layer to swing analysis, utilizing over 1100 sensors for on-the-fly weight shift analysis. Witness the intricacies of your game with a vivid foot heat map and precise weight distribution bars, revealing the subtle shifts that impact your performance.

Uneekor Software

Uneekor EYE MINI LITE includes 3 month trial to 'Pro Package' with access to additional features, then 'Player Package' comes standard which includes ball and club deata, Uneekor View PC Software, a single profile and 15 sessions. Note: Champion or Pro Package is required to use other 3rd party golf simulator software.

How It Works

Using unmarked balls and club stickers, the Uneekor EYE MINI LITE Launch Monitor records ball data, such as spins and launch angles, and club data, such as club speed, path, attack angle, and much more.

Club Metrics (club stickers required)

  • Club Speed
  • Angle of Attack
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path

Ball Metrics (using unmarked balls)

  • Ball Speed
  • Side Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Side Angle
  • Side Distance
  • Total Launch Angle
  • Carry Distance

Get Started

See the unboxing and setup of the EYE MINI Lite.

What's Included

  • EYE MINI LITE Launch Monitor
  • Uneekor Launcher, VIEW Software for PC
  • Power Cable and Adapter
  • CAT6 Ethernet Cable
  • Club Stickers
  • Tweezers

What's Not Included

  • A gaming PC is needed to run your EYE MINI LITE
  • Uneekor Refine and Refine+ are optional software upgrades
  • 3rd Party Connector - allowing access to non-Uneekor software
  • Package upgrades
  • Additional software subscriptions

Technical Requirements

PC specifications:

  • Intel i5 8400
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 1060
  • Windows 10 (64 bit) Version 1803 or higher
  • Integrated ethernet Port Required

Ideal Space Requirements

The EYE MINI LITE doesn't have specific space requirements. Check out Measuring Your Space For An Indoor Golf Simulator for our basic space recommendations.

EYE MINI space requirements EYE MINI space requirements

EYE MINI LITE to Tee Position

The EYE MINI LITE sits towards the front of the hitting area, opposite the golfer. The "Ready Zone" where the unit will read your swing is 12" long by 8" deep.

Golfer to Screen Position

The golfer should stand 10-12 feet back from the impact screen to reduce risk of bounce back.

Ordering Information

Shipping Limitation

Uneekor products ship to US and Canadian addresses only.


Uneekor EYE MINI LITE Specifications

DIMENSIONS 6.5"L x 8.7"W x 13.9"H

7lbs 15oz





“Virtual golf is as close to actual golf as you can get without having to ask, “Mind if we can play through?”
Hand replacing golf ball on green, next to putter