Carl’s HotShot™ Indoor Golf Tees, Qty 40


Indoor Golf Tees For Consistent Ball Height in Your Golf Simulator

Carl’s HotShot™ Indoor Golf Tees are cuttable, durable, and non-interfereable. Okay, that last one isn't a word, but essentially it won't interfere with your launch monitor readings.

The best solution for teeing it up in your golf simulator, especially if your hitting surface can’t accept a real golf tee. These indoor golf tees sit on top of the golf mat and can be cut to your preferred height.

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Stop guessing how far you need to push your tees into your hitting surface; consistently tee your ball at the same height each and every time with these fully customizable, lightweight, and durable indoor golf tees.

"The tees are great! Durable, perfect height....Thanks!"

- Ryan, Idaho Falls, ID

Carl’s HotShot™ Indoor Golf Tees Features

Customizable Height Golf Simulator Tee

Tee is 2 inches tall with ridges every ¼” to help you be precise in your cutting. Use a scissors to cut a tee down to the perfect height for your driver. Grab another tee and cut it lower to use as your par-3 tee for irons.

Avoid Launch Monitor Interference

Colored golf tees can interfere with your launch monitor reading your golf ball. We've tried them out and found our black tees work best to avoid misreads.


Made of flexible, durable plastic, these tees work on any hitting surface, including hitting strips that don’t accept real tees. However, we’d suggest not using them on cement as that would end poorly for your clubs.

Carl's Tip for Tee Retrieval

Use string to tie the tee down to the hitting mat so you don’t have to chase it after each use.