TrueStrike Ball Tray

Keep your golf balls at the ready when practicing your swing.

Add the durable TrueStrike Ball Tray to the end of any TrueStrike hitting mat for extra golf ball storage.

TrueStrike ball trays have a limited quantity available.

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Ball tray on TrueStrike Golf Mat

Convenient ball tray for TrueStrike golf mats.

The ball tray can replace the edge trim on the end of any TrueStrike Hitting Mat options. The Single and Double mats come with ball trays, but it is popular for customers to order a ball tray to replace an edge trim on the Academy and Static mats. The ball tray can be ordered as an optional add-on or replacement piece for a broken or missing piece of edge trim.


The TrueStrike Ball Tray can be used at the end of any TrueStrike Hitting Mat for convenient golf ball storage on your favorite golf mat.

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Works As Replacement Part

Included in the purchase of the Single or Double TrueStrike Golf Mat, this tray can be purchased as a replacement part.

Works As Upgrade Add-On

Replace an edge trim on the Academy and Static mats with the TrueStrike Ball Tray for extra storage.

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Shipping Limitation

TrueStrike Hitting Mats ship to US addresses only.



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