Releasable Zip Ties (Qty 100)


Securely mount your golf screen using Carl's Place releasable zip ties. These versatile, detachable ties are perfect for effortlessly mounting your grommeted screen onto any truss system, freestanding structure, or hanging kit.

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Securely mount a grommeted screen with Carl's Place durable nylon releasable zip ties.

Releasable Zip Tie Features

Tension Flexibility

Adjust each and every zip tie to the tension you prefer to help balance ball bounceback and image quality. Pull the tail through to make it tighter, or press and release the little tab on the detachable head to loosen.

Easy Attachment and Removal

These zip ties work seamlessly with Carl's Place impact screens, making it effortless to attach, remove, and adjust any of our grommeted screens.

Made of Durable Nylon

Crafted from high-quality nylon for a strong and reliable installation on any structure.


Length: 17 ¾ inches

Width: 7.6mm



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