Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series - Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green


A combination of the Fiberbuilt Performance Turf with Fiberbuilt’s Putting Greens, the Tee Box Combo Mats are great for practicing anything from putts to driver shots. Each combo mat includes a 4’ deep Performance Turf Mat and putting turf with two cups.

The surface also holds real tees so you can work on hitting tee shots with any club in your bag, and provides realistic ball flight.

Product Options:

Easy Installation
Top Technology
Human Agents
Designed For You
Best Material
Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series with rubber backing

Rubber Backing for Grip

The Performance Turf Series comes with a rubber backing that provides a grippy base for stability and comfort.

Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series tee in turf

Tee It Up with Real Tees

Use real tees, from shorter iron tees to longer driver tees, in the Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series golf mats.


Ordering Information

Shipping Limitation

Fiberbuilt products ship to contiguous US addresses only.

Hitting Mat Sizes

Size Options:

  • 10'd x 10'w
  • 12'd x 10'w
  • 14'd x 12'w

Each combo mat includes a 4’D Performance Turf Mat and putting turf with two cups.



“Keep your sense of humor. There’s enough stress in the rest of your life not to let bad shots ruin a game you’re supposed to enjoy.”
Amy Alcott
Golfer with golf glove holding white golf ball