Launch Monitor to Pro Enclosure Frame Mount


Mount your overhead launch monitor directly to the Pro Golf Enclosure.

Custom-designed with precision and style, mounting your device becomes a breeze. Simply connect your overhead launch monitor to the 2-inch EMT pipe framing of our Pro Golf Enclosure for a sleek and professional look. Make sure to check the height requirements of your launch monitor in the details below.

Mounting plates vary slightly to fit each launch monitor. Choose your launch monitor to order.

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Launch Monitor Frame Mount on Carl's Pro Enclosure

Low Profile

This frame mount is custom-engineered with the lowest profile possible to maximize your swing space. It lowers the mounting point of your launch monitor by just 3.5 inches. Check the enclosure size requirements to make sure frame mounting fits your space.

Easy Install

All you need is a set of hex keys to connect your launch monitor to the frame mount, and then to the Pro Enclosure frame. See this style of frame mount used with the N1 Launch Monitor.


Launch Monitor Frame Mount

Enclosure Size Requirements

Each launch monitor has its own specific mounting requirements. Make sure you can mount your launch monitor at the correct height, with the space required for the mount, on the Pro Enclosure, and it still fits in your space. Here's some specifics to help.

Launch Monitor Mounting Height Frame Mount Height Minimum Pro Enclosure Height* Mounting Depth Minimum Pro Enclosure Depth**
APOGEE 108 - 120" 3.5" 111.5" 21 -25" in front of the tee 99"
Foresight GCHawk 114 - 126" 3.5" 117.5" 48" in front of the tee 88"
Foresight Falcon 114 - 126" 3.5" 117.5" 48" in front of the tee 88"
NVISAGE N1 108 - 120" 3.5" 111.5" 24" in front of the tee 96"
ProTee VX 108 - 120" 3.5" 111.5" 42" in front of the tee 78"
Trackman iO 112 - 120" 3.5" 115.5" 3'3" - 3'5" in front of the tee 81"
Uneekor EYE XO (and EYE XO2) 108 - 120" 3.5" 111.5" 42" in front of the tee 78"
Uneekor QED 108 - 126" 3.5" 111.5" 42" behind the tee 162"

*Note if your hitting mat isn't recessed into the floor you'll need to take that into account. For example, a 2" high hitting mat will raise the minimum Pro Enclosure height by 2".

**Based on the recommended tee location of at least 10' away from the screen.

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What’s Included

  • One (1) base plate
  • Two (2) top clamps
  • Two (2) bottom clamps
  • Spacer
  • Screws


Steel sheet with a powder coat matte black finish.



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