Big Moss Return Ramp


Stop bending down to grab your golf ball with the 3'x3' Big Moss Return Ramp.

Save your back and stop futzing around scooping your ball over the edge and back onto your hitting mat. Trade all that time and pain in for a smooth, seamless piece of turf, 3' by 3' wide. The perfectly-sized ramp to roll your ball back up to your hitting area.

Choose from Bright Green to match your Big Moss turf, or Natural Green to match your hitting mat.

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These ramps can also be used when putting. Instead of your ball falling and bouncing off your hitting mat, allow it to continue to roll toward your screen or cups down the ramp. Whether you’re pulling your ball back up or knocking a putt down, you’ll be surprised how often you use it.

Choose from two different options:

Bright Green

With it's vivid green color and hemmed edge, the Bright Green Return Ramp perfectly complements the color and material of the Big Moss V2 putting turf, ensuring a seamless transition from your hitting mat to your putting surface.

If you seek a more realistic putting experience, this ramp is an excellent choice. Please note that its color may not match most hitting mats and turf options.

Natural Green

The Natural Green Return Ramp is ideal for coordinating with the color of numerous hitting mats and turfs. Crafted from the same material as Big Moss’ True Launch Outdoor Turf, it facilitates a smoother transition from your hitting mat to turf.

While not strictly designated as putting turf, it still offers decent putt-rolling capabilities.



“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies.”
Bobby Jones
Close up golf ball on short turf