Carl's Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure (Remnant/Clearance)


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Floor mounted projector enclosure

Shield Your Floor Mounted Projector

A projector enclosure is great for short throw projectors. Instead of installing and wiring your golf simulator projector on the ceiling, this protective enclosure lets you floor mount it safely.

Golfer in golf simulator with enclosure to protect projector on floor

Swing Without Worrying About Your Projector

Keep your golf simulator looking good and your projector safe with Carl’s Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure.


In a golf simulator, projectors can be mounted in many different places, including on the ground between the golfer and impact screen. If this is the best option for you, Carl’s Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure will not only keep your projector safe from flying balls, but will also look aesthetically pleasing.

Projector Case Features

Sized to Fit Most Projectors

Fits projectors up to 5.5 inches tall by 14.75 inches wide and 14 inches deep. **NOTE: This enclosure does not fit the BenQ LH820ST projector we sell.** Actual outer dimensions are 8 inches tall by 15.5 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

Durable Construction

Side panels are made of black aluminum, while the front is covered by a clear polycarbonate sheet. Top and bottom are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is a plastic that is used in many different types of manufacturing. Top is covered with turf.

See It In Action

Cable Management

Keep your golf simulator looking great with side openings can be used to run cables through.

Get Started

Set Up to Take Only Indirect Shots

While this projector enclosure should adequately protect your projector from indirect shots, it is not meant to take repeated direct shots. We don't intend for it to be used directly in front of the tee. Using it with a projector that has horizontal keystone to set it off center is ideal.

Projector Mounting Recommendations

This floor enclosure is for indoor golfers who cannot mount their projector up and out of the way due to extremely low or high ceilings. If at all possible, we will always recommend you mount your projector on the ceiling.



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