Carl's Divot Hitting Strip-Advanced (Remnant/Clearance)


Having trouble finding a soft, yet realistic hitting surface for your golf simulator? A do-it-yourself Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip could be just that perfect balance.

Inset the soft strip into a putting turf or subfloor to save your arm joints. This divot strip is soft and forgiving for your joints, but will punish you for chunking shots. Perfect for the above-average golfer.

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Playing on your golf simulator like there’s no tomorrow, and your hitting area is getting worn out? No need to replace the whole hitting mat; just cut out and replace the worn down area, or replace your torn up hitting strip with a new one! Carl’s Place Divot Hitting Strip will help you build a softer type of golf mat.

Carl’s Divot Hitting Strip Features

Replace Just Part of Your Golf Mat

Designed for the DIYer, the Carl’s Place Divot Hitting Strip should inset 1.75” into a hitting surface. Ideal for:

  • DIY build into a putting turf and subfloor
  • A Carl’s Place Hitting Mat with a 12" by 30” piece cut-out
  • Another brand of golf mat where the hitting area wore out

It is not meant to be a standalone product.

Beginner or Advanced

We offer two versions of hitting strips. The beginner style is softer and most forgiving, while the advanced strip is still on the soft side, but a bit more realistic if you really do take a divot.


Whether you need to replace the hitting area of a well-used Carl's Hitting Mat or a different brand of hitting mat - these hitting strips fit perfectly into several different hitting mat brands.


12" wide by 30" deep by approximately 1.75" high



Made with three strips of the softest foam on the bottom.


Similar to the beginner hitting strip, made with three strips of soft foam, but not as soft squishy to help ease the pain on your joints, while also providing more realistic feedback on whether you chunk a shot.