Refine Software Upgrade for Uneekor

Access course play with Uneekor's Refine software upgrade.

Take a step up to the middle rung in Uneekor software ladder with Refine, where you will be provided with multiple training modes to hone in your game and golf courses to show those skills off or entertain friends.

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Refine software training modes

The Software Upgrade to Dial In Your Game

The Uneekor Refine software upgrade opens up your virtual golf experience to 5 fundamental training modes including short game, driving range, and more. You also get access to five 18-hole courses from around the world.

Uneekor QED Refine Software Challenge screen

Bring On The Fun with Some Friendly Competition

Includes QED Challenge as one of the training modes. This entertaining island-target game lets your friends and family in on the fun when you're not working on your swing.


Unlock training modes and access course play with this upgrade to Refine golf simulator software from Uneekor.

Refine Software Features

5 Virtual Golf Courses

Refine golf simulator software has five international 18-hole courses to play with up to 6 friends. Access an additional 15 courses with the Succeed software upgrade.

Bay Hill Korea

Moon Bay C.C.

Two Rivers

South Village


5 Training Modes

From your driver to your short game, Refine provides five fundamental training modes to sharpen your golf game.

Training Options

Short Game Complex

Practice, Evaluation and Competition for approach and putting.

Driving Range

Practice your approach and putting on the driving range.

Course Practice & Stroke Play

Use the five 18-hole international golf courses available for course practice and stroke play.

QED Challenge

An island target game to entertain family and friends.

How It Works


Refine Software is compatible and must be used with either Uneekor QED or Uneekor EYE XO launch monitors.

Digital Download

You will receive an activation code within one business day of purchase. This code will allow you to register your software with Uneekor.

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