Pro Golf Enclosure with Impact Screen-10x15.5-15

Our Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits are designed for high-end golf simulator installations. Pro Enclosure Kits were created to provide the perfect balance between top-of-the-line performance, easy installation, and of course, reasonable pricing!

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Carl's Pro Golf Enclosures allow for large bays (20' wide or 20' deep), perfect for commercial simulator shops, golf lessons and even high-end man caves. Standard features include shot-absorbing border cushions and a smooth, solid black knit fabric ceiling compatible with commercial locations. Whether you choose all the bells and whistles or just the basics this product will bring your indoor golf simulator to life!

These enclosure kits are available with all the necessary components included. We will deliver a complete enclosure package right to your door, from the structural tubing right down to a universal mount for your projector. After a quick assembly, simply add a swing analyzer and projector and you'll be teeing off in no time!

Our Pro Enclosures include Premium golf impact screens.


Golf Screen Material

Premium Indoor Golf Screen
  • Top-seller for commercial, coaching, professional and home usage
  • The smoothest surface available on a full impact material
  • Made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact resistant polyester
  • Quiets noise from the golf ball hitting the screen with a cushioned center layer
  • Recommended where image quality and noise reduction are a top priority

Electronics Mount Options:

  • No Electronics Mount
  • Uneekor Ceiling Mount - Included
  • Uneekor Mount – No CrossBar
  • Uneekor Mount with CrossBar

Uneekor mounts are a custom solution for frame mounting UNEEKOR sensor technology. We only recommend that Uneekor units are mounted to enclosures at least 9 feet tall. Learn more about Uneekor mounts, compatibility and installation.

Projector Mount Options:

  • No Projector Mount: if you will not be attaching your projector to the frame and would like to skip the hardware altogether.
  • Projector Mount: We'll include a universal projector mount compatible with your frame. Our mounts are compatible with most standard projectors.
  • Projector Mount Ready: If your projector requires a specific mount, we'll include the parts necessary to attach a compatible projector mount. Any mount that utilizes a 2" pipe is compatible.

Safety Baffles:

Baffles hang down from the ceiling to help catch and knock down high-angle shots that might bounce off the golf simulator screen. Baffles can be placed at whatever distance from the screen you prefer. However, because they hang about 12" from the ceiling, care should be taken to ensure that they will not interfere with the projected image. Safety Baffles should be considered if you will be standing closer than 15 feet from the screen.

Size: Actual Dimensions

Before you order, please be sure to consult the specifications tab for actual frame dimensions to be sure your enclosure will fit the space you have available. The frame will be larger than the listing size. We recommend getting the largest golf simulator enclosure that will fit in the space you have available. This will provide you with the most comfortable space to swing your clubs, as well as, the most safety. Custom sizes are available! If your space requires a unique size, let us know and we can quote you on a custom enclosure. Learn How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator Enclosure Size.

Aspect Ratio:

We recommend building a screen to match your projector's aspect ratio. However, golf screens are often chosen to fit a space first and fit a projected image second. Choose whichever is more important to you. See this article for more information.

Pro Golf Simulator Enclosures Include:

  • Golf Screen: Premium golf impact screen
  • Top and Side Fabric Panels: Black cloth ceiling panel and both the left and right black wall panels
  • Safety Cushions: Four cushions that surround the screen to protect shots from striking the frame
  • Connectors: Steel fittings and elbows to construct all frame joints and corners
  • All necessary fasteners
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • (Optional) Framing: Pre-cut and marked 2-inch EMT pipe 
  • (Optional) Safety Baffles
  • (Optional) Uneekor Electronics Mount
  • (Optional) Projector Mount

Framing Pipes:

Pro golf simulator kits are available with all frame tubing included. Most kits require freight shipping on tubing, so in locations where it isn't possible to receive a freight delivery or where shipping costs would be prohibitively expensive, kits are available with no tubing included. In these cases, we will provide instructions for what type of tubing is required along with the cut lengths needed. 


Watch Carl's Pro Golf Enclosure Assembly Video

Made to Order:

Pro Golf Enclosures are made to order and require 10 days for manufacturing plus the delivery time you select in your shopping cart. (Please see our policies on order changes, custom sizes, cancellations, and returns.)

*Please Note: Order lead times may be longer than normal. We’re doing our best to provide realistic delivery timelines during checkout, but please understand that there may be unanticipated delays due to staffing and supply issues related to COVID-19. View shipping details by logging into your account.

Freight Unloading Options:

Please note: You or the recipient needs to be present at the time of delivery, for freight orders that include the optional 2-inch EMT pipes, and assume responsibility for unloading the pallet or be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of delivery. The heaviest box is likely to weigh about 50 pounds. Customers who are unable to unload the pallet box-by-box should contact us for optional lift gate ($110) and optional inside delivery ($250) options. These estimates are valid to most locations.