Pipe Framing Kit

Designed to coordinate perfectly with the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit, Carl's Place offers 2" EMT structural frame kits.


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So, you've decided to purchase the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit but you'd rather not worry about finding the required EMT pipes locally?

Offered in our most popular enclosure sizes, the Pipe Framing for DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure provides the perfect shortcut for golfers looking to save time and hassle. Simply select the Pipe Frame kit that is the same size as the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit you’ve selected and skip the trip to the hardware store!

When purchased with the same-sized Golf Simulator Enclosure kit, the Pipe Framing for Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure option will ensure you have all the necessary components for a ready-to-build golf enclosure - no pipe cutting or hauling required!

With the hard part over, installation is a breeze.

Simply follow the provided diagram and instructions to assemble the frame using the fittings provided in the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

What's Included:

2" EMT pipes pre-cut to the exact lengths required for the same-sized Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit.


What’s Not Included:

This product is designed to be an add-on that pairs with the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. This item purchased on its own does not include pipe fittings or any other components to build a golf simulator.