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Digital Activation Codes for Running Mevo+ on PC

Make your Mevo+ launch monitor run on PC with this FS Golf PC 2.0 Software.

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FlightScope's PC Software for Mevo+ gives you the ability to work on your golf game on your PC. The FS Golf PC 2.0 Software is customizable so users can choose how to view their data, trajectories, charts, and more.

Mevo+ PC Software Features

Complete Customization

Choose up to four views at a time for the ultimate practice, teaching, or fitting experience. For example, choose trajectory view, radar data, acceleration profile, and the 3D D-Plane animation to view all at once. Users have the ability to customize these four views to fit their exact needs.

Table with Averages

View your data for every shot in a comprehensive table that includes averages and standard deviations. Use your averages and standard deviations to identify areas to improve and monitor progress over time.

Split View

Choose your two favorite views for a unique user experience. Users have the ability to choose any two views and see them side-by-side to make the experience simpler and more concise. Choose to view the radar data with your trajectory, face impact with radar data, and many more options.

Easy to Add

Download the software to your PC. Run the application. Connect your Mevo+ with Pro Package to your PC. Follow the instructions on your screen and start swinging.

Get Started

PC Requirements

  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card equivalent (Dedicated GPU with DirectX 12 Support)
  • Windows 10 64-bit (Required)
  • Internet Connection (Required)
  • Internal 5Ghz Wi-Fi cards (Required, dongle not supported)

 Hardware and Software Requirements

You must have a FlightScope Mevo+ or FlightScope X3 (Not available for FlightScope Mevo). You must download the PC installer from Mevo.

Ordering Information

Digital Download

You will receive an activation code via email within 2 days of purchase.


PC Software is already included with Mevo+ 2023 and Mevo+ with Pro-Package. Only Mevo+ users without Pro Package will benefit from this add-on.



“You can shave strokes off of your game playing virtual golf. You can also stop to shave your beard between shots if you want.”
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