Carl's Adjustable Floor Wedges, Set of 2


Frustrated that your floor-mounted golf simulator projector is not lining up with the bottom of your impact screen due to the projector’s offset setting? Carl crafted these floor wedges to help you achieve that perfected projected image.

The floor wedges help indoor golfers achieve the tilt needed to line up their golf simulator projector with the bottom of their impact screen. They are compatible with all golf simulator projectors offered by Carl’s Place inside one of Carl’s Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure.

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Wedges in Carl's Floor Enclosure to angle projector

Quick and Easy Floor Setup

Use the two wedges to prop up the back corners of the projector to help you align the projected image with the bottom of your impact screen. Move the back of the projector higher to tilt the image lower.

Carl's Place wedge for projectors

A Gentle Slope Your Golf Simulator Projector Loves

Carl's Adjustable Floor Wedges are made of black ABS plastic. They measure 9.125” long x 2.375” wide x up to 2” angled height.



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