Carl’s GCQuad Golf Package


 Your All-In-One Ticket to Pro-Level Golfing Indoors
Step into your Carl's Place Pro Golf Enclosure and let the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor's cutting-edge technology capture every little detail of your swing, from the moment you take a breath to the victorious whoosh of your club hitting the ball.

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Carl's Pro Enclosure with ceiling baffles

Top-Notch Golfing for Personal and Commercial Use

Designed to accommodate large-scale setups, Carl's C-Series Pro Golf Enclosure provides ample space for players to swing their clubs freely without restrictions. With its durable construction, heavy-duty fabric, and to-the-floor impact screen, it surrounds your space to immerse you in the game.

GCQuad launch monitor

Improve Your Swing with the GCQuad

Whether you're practicing your swing indoors or teeing off under the open sky, the GCQuad Launch Monitor is your go-to device for tracking, analyzing, and improving your golfing performance. With both club and ball data included, it's like having a golfing guru by your side, whispering sweet swing tips into your ear.

FSX Softwares

Includes FSX Play, FSX 2020, and FSX Pro

The package offers a range of software choices, such as FSX Play, FSX 2020, FSX Pro Performance, and Foresight Fairgrounds. You'll appreciate the lifelike graphics of 10 choice golf courses, as they are brought to vivid reality with stunning visual quality.

TrueStrike Academy Hitting Mat

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat

TrueStrike Golf Mats offer realistic “fairway forgiveness” technology which replicates the feel of a real fairway. The Academy Golf Mat is the perfect size for facilitating both right- and left-handed practice in a home or commercial golf simulator setup.

BenQ LK936ST golf simulator projector

Project With Stunning Image Quality

With 5,100 lumens and stunning 4K image quality, the BenQ LK936ST projector is a game-changer for golf simulators. Its user-friendly features like vertical and horizontal lens shift, with 1.1x zoom make setup a breeze. The short 0.81-0.89 throw ratio will give you an immersive viewing experience without the need for a lot of room.


Carl's GCQuad Golf Simulator Package is the go-to choice for both commercial and luxury home golf simulators, offering a winning combination of versatility, ease of use, and affordability for the perfect indoor golfing environment. This comprehensive package includes the Carl's Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit, GCQuad Launch Monitor with FSX software, 4K projector, and Truestrike hitting mat. From setup to swing, it offers a seamless and enjoyable indoor golfing experience.

Carl's GCQuad Golf Simulator Package Features

Carl's Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Black knit ceiling and wall panels provide a luxurious and smooth aesthetic. The Premium Golf Impact Screen consists of three layers of durable, tightly-woven polyester, ensuring excellent impact resistance.

Surrounding the screen are memory foam inserts that slide in between the flaps of the screen to offer added protection against shots striking the frame.

Includes pre-cut and labeled 2-inch EMT pipe (ships Freight), along with steel fittings and elbows, making construction of the frame hassle-free.

Carl's GCQuad Golf Simulator Package includes:

  • C-Series golf enclosure
  • Pipes and fittings to construct your frame
  • Premium golf screen
  • Foam insert kit
  • 2 shot-stopping ceiling baffles
  • Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor with ball and club data
  • FSX Play, FSX 2020, and FSX Pro software
  • BenQ LK936ST projector with ceiling mount
  • Truestrike Academy golf mat with tees

Multiple Softwares Included

Immerse yourself in lifelike graphics that bring your favorite golf courses to life with FSX Play, FSX 2020, FSX Pro, and Foresight Fairgrounds included. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the GCQuad provides thrilling game modes to enhance your swing and engage in global competition.

Get the Feel of a Real Fairway

Experience the true feel of a fairway with the TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat's "fairway forgiveness" technology. With a durable yet soft artificial strike surface, a silicone gel insert, and enough room to accommodate left- or right-handed golfers, the Academy mat is great for home or commercial golf simulator setups.

Golf club striking natural fairwayNatural Fairway Golf club striking ordinary hitting matOrdinary Mat Golf club striking TrueStrike gel filled hitting matTrueStrike Gel Golf Mat

Get Started

Ideal Space Requirements

Give yourself about 7 ft on every side for the most comfortable swing. You don't want to feel like you'll bump into anything. To stay safe from bounceback, you should stand back 10-12 feet from the screen.

You need a ceiling that's at least 10.5 feet high for the setup with the 10 foot enclosure, or 9 feet high for the 8.5 foot enclosure.

GCQuad space requirements diagram

Technology Requirements

You'll need a computer to run your launch monitor and software.

The GCQuad and FSX software require: Operating System: 64 Bit Windows 10 or greater, 7th Gen or greater Intel i5, i7, and i9 processors (AMD CPU not recommended), 8GB system memory. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 or greater video card.

Ordering Information

Shipping Limitation

This golf simulator package ships to US locations only. Contact us for non-US bundles.

Multiple Shipments

Your order may arrive in separate shipments.


Golf Simulator Set Up

See the install of a Carl's Place Pro Enclosure.

How to prevent your impact screen from getting dirty.

  1. Use white balls without dirt, grass or marker on them.
  2. Clean your clubs often - it will also benefit parts of your game like ball spin.
  3. Store your screen in a safe, clean and dry environment - if you ever need to pack it away.
  4. If possible, stay away from keeping it folded in a box for a long time to avoid longer-term creases and wrinkles.
  5. Make sure you use the right side of the screen. Your new impact screen has a front and a back, and only the front is rated to withstand the impact of real golf balls. The front has a Carl's Place logo on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Read more: 'How To Clean Your Golf Impact Screen, and Make It Last'.

Safety Tips

Please make sure to take proper safety precautions to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars, and neighboring homes. Keep children, pets, and spectators out of swing range.


“Keep your sense of humor. There’s enough stress in the rest of your life not to let bad shots ruin a game you’re supposed to enjoy.”
Amy Alcott
Golfer with golf glove holding white golf ball