FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material

Whatever the application, make it picture-perfect with multiple colors, sizes, and textures to choose from for easy, customizable installation of your perfect projector screen!

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FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material

FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material

FlexiWhite is an excellent material for all-around use. It's flexible (of course!) and easy to fold for storage in-between uses (and readily stretches back out again to get rid of fold lines and wrinkles), making it a very versatile projection screen material! Easy to install over wood frames, it's a popular choice as a hanging projector screen. Its PVC construction makes it popular with the outdoor crowd as well!

FlexiWhite Finished Edge Screen

Finishing Options

Getting your hands on a giant piece of material to use as a screen is one thing, but actually getting it hung up somewhere is another. We offer FlexiWhite with a finished edge and grommets to make that as easy as possible. With finished edges, you can easily grab the screen with a bungee, wire, hook, or anything else to make hanging a very large projector screen a breeze!!

FlexiWhite Material Shipped in a Tube

Sizes and Packaging

Our materials are available in a number of standard sizes that should fit most applications. Raw cuts are measured by the inch while finished sizes are measured by the foot. On raw sizes we'll generally make the cuts an inch or two larger than listed, and for finished sizes, you'll want to consult the specifications for the exact total and viewable dimensions.

Need something else? We can get you just about anything you want. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what we can do!

We generally recommend ordering your material rolled when possible to make installation easier. However, on larger screens or those with finished borders, this isn't always practical. You can opt to have foldable materials sent in a box to save on packaging and freight to keep shipping affordable on your DIY projector screen material.



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