9'x12'x5' DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Preferred Impact Screen

Easily build your own space to golf at home.

Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits include an impact screen, nylon enclosure, and connector fittings. We'll tell you what pipes you need, or just add the optional Pipe Framing Kit and you'll have an all-in-one golf enclosure.

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Customer Spotlight

“A lot of people have this misconception...

and I was one of them, that you need some sort of extravagant home or commercial space to have a golf simulator,” Cody said. “As I looked into it and came across Carl's Place DIY setup, I realized that it is much more attainable budget and space requirement wise, to make that a reality.”

DIY Golf Simulator

Building a Home Golf Simulator? You got this!

Our enclosures feature our full line of popular, proven golf impact screens and an easy do-it-yourself design so you can save thousands by building your own fully-loaded golf simulators! Created to help users with one of the trickiest parts of building a home golf simulator: building the enclosure itself.

DIY Enclosure Kit from Carl's Place

Designed To Customize, Not To Compromise

Our DIY Enclosure is designed to be flexible and customizable, to perfectly fit your space. Our most popular sized enclosure frames are just a click away.

Need something a bit more specific? You can choose your golf simulator size down to the inch with our online customizing tool.

Customize My Golf Simulator