Carl's Place Golf Swing Camera Set

Replay and Analyze Your Golf Swing

Looking for an easy way to access video replay of your swing without paying top dollar? Then Carl’s Place Golf Swing Cameras are made just for you. Using Uneekor software, review a video of your swing, make improvements or adjustments, and watch your scores start dropping!

Unfortunately, these cameras are out of stock. Your order will be placed on backorder and we'll get it out to you as soon as possible.

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Carl's Place Golf Swing Camera on Turf

Analyze Your Golf Swing Anywhere

Carl's Place Golf Swing Camera is a simple to use video camera for golf swing analysis. Just record your golf swing during your practice, then use Uneekor software to visualize your swing data and improve your golf game.


Take the training into your own hands with instant visual feedback! Use the Carl's Place Golf Swing Camera to replay and analyze each golf swing in slow motion to quickly and efficiently work toward your ideal game.

Swing Camera Features

Easy Assembly

Screw one of the included lenses on one of the camera bodies, plug the USB cable into your computer and find a place to set/mount the camera, and boom, you will have immediate access to your video replays.

FPS and HD

Our cameras offer up to 260 frames per second (at 360p resolution), 120fps (at 720p) and 60fps at 1080p HD. This slow motion golf swing camera will help you pinpoint pieces of your game that need tweaking.

Wide-Angle Camera Lens

The lenses that come included are 2.5 millimeter wide-angle lenses, allowing you to capture all aspects of your swing with flexibility to move it around in tight spaces. They also have a 1.2 aperture, allowing in plenty of light in darker areas.

Mounting Ideas

Carl’s Place cameras have several mounting options, but the most common would be to screw them onto a tripod stand.

Get Started

What's Included

  • Two 2 megapixel camera bodies with USB cables attached
  • Two 2.5 millimeter, 1.2 aperture wide-angle lenses



“They say golf is a good walk, spoiled. Well, what if you took most of the walking out of it?”
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