Projector Screen Kits


Whether you want an impressive backyard theater for the family, or maybe the entire block, by building your own, you know you can make yourself the envy of the neighborhood, and on a budget!

Kit includes: choice of screen, bungees, and fittings to build your frame (pipes not included).

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Backyard Projector Screen

Take out the guesswork with Carl's Place DIY Projector Screen Kits

Our kits are a convenient way for you to mount our very popular finished edge screens. We supply you with the screen, bungees, and fittings needed to make a frame. Just pick up a few pipes from your local store (we'll provide the instructions on sizes you need) and you'll have a big screen that can stand on its own, be hung on a wall, be suspended from a ceiling, or anything else you can think of!

Hanging Backyard Screen

Build an outdoor projector screen that's completely customizable

Hanging kits are designed to be hung on a wall or suspended from overhead.

Standing kits help you get a screen to be freestanding wherever needed.

Truss kits are wall-hanging style kits specific to rear projection materials. Support pipes are not supported with rear projection due to shadows that would be cast on the screen, so these kits use an alternative design to keep the viewable area of the screen unobstructed from both sides.

Freestanding Backyard Screen

Materials and Sizes for Every Occasion

The foundation of a brag-worthy theater system is starting with the right screen material, so check out our article to help you select the right material for your environment's specific lighting situation.

From five to ten feet tall, there are sizes available for every backyard, church stage, or theater!


Carl's Place Projector Screen Kits set you up to build a screen for indoor or outdoor use. We supply you with the screen, fittings, and bungees to help you make a frame that can stand on its own, be hung on a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or anything else you can think of!

Projector Screen Kits Features

High-Quality Projection Screens

Choose your projection screen material. Gray or white? Front or rear projection? See details below regarding material choices.

Convenient Assembly

To keep our price to you low, we don't ship you the pipes needed to build the frame. We include all the fittings, but you will have to source the pipes. We will provide all the sizes and instructions you'll need to build the frame.

Easy Hanging with Bungees

Our 6" ball bungees work great to easily attach your screen to your frame. We include them in the Projection Screen Kit so you can get your screen up quick.

Screen Material Choices

All of the following materials work best in a dark to low light setting.

Front Projection

FlexiWhite: An excellent material for all-around use, it's flexible and easy to fold for storage in-between uses (and readily stretches back out again to get rid of fold lines and wrinkles), making it a very versatile projection screen material! Easy to install over wood frames, it's a popular choice as a hanging projector screen. Its PVC construction makes it popular with the outdoor crowd as well!

FlexiGray: Just like FlexiWhite, but tinted slightly gray, making it perfect for minor issues with ambient light.

Rear Projection

White Rear Film: Very similar to our gray rear film, our white rear film is more opaque, which helps make the images more uniform when paired with brighter projectors. Slightly dimmer than gray rear film but more even in its light distribution, making it a great choice in dark environments.

Gray Rear Film: Translucent and slightly gray, it will give you the brightest image available in a rear projection material, which is great for environments with some ambient light. In dark environments, however, care must be taken to avoid hotspots. Avoid projectors that are too bright or that project in direct line-of-sight to the viewer.

Get Started

What's Included

  • Finished edge screen of your choice
  • All required fittings to complete a frame
  • 6-inch ball bungees
  • Assembly instructions

What's Not Included

1-inch EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing/Conduit) is required to complete these frames. EMT steel pipe can be found at any local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Your kit will include all details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required.



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