Backyard Theater

Backyard Theater

Outdoor Movie Screen Kits

DIY solution for your outdoor movie watching. Projector screen kits get you started enjoying your backyard, turning it into a theater you'll never want to leave.

Carl's Place Projector Screen and Frame Sizes
As low as $95.98 Regular Price $159.95

Backyard Theater Screens

There is nothing quite like a movie on a big screen under the stars. But trust us, you're going to want to invite your neighbors over to join the fun so you don't have to worry about them inviting the cops over to tell you to keep the noise down. Who spends a Tuesday night watching Chris Farley movies on max volume in their backyard? Definitely not me . . . that must be some other neighbor . . .

Carl's Place FlexiWhite Finished Edge with Grommets Projector Screen
As low as $54.95
Carl's Place Gray Rear Finished Edge Projector Screen with Grommets
As low as $59.95
Carl's Place White Rear Finished Edge Projector Screen With Grommets
As low as $59.95

Backyard Screen Parts

We've seen so many great outdoor movie setups that we've lost count. If you lose count of your bungees or fittings, we've got your back.

Fittings and Pipe Connectors to Design Your Own Frame

Starting at $7.95

Black Ball Bungees for Carl's Place Projector or Golf Impact Screen
9-inch Black Ball Bungees for Carl's Place Golf Impact Screen