8x8x5 DIY Golf Enclosure Kit with Preferred Screen (Limited Run)

Last Year's Styles, This Year's Savings! A limited run of DIY Golf Enclosure Kits just waiting for you to grab.

This Limited Run DIY Golf Enclosure Kit includes:

  • Impact screen
  • Fabric enclosure
  • Frame connector fittings
  • Pipes to build your frame
  • Bungees to secure your screen

It does not include any other add-ons. Sold as-is. Materials used in these limited run units may include visible blemishes or minor defects. Items are pre-packed for shipment so we cannot tell you the exact defect. Prices are good while supplies last. All sales are final. These Limited Run DIY Golf Enclosure Kits are retired styles. Carl's Place will not carry replacement fittings for this enclosure.

This model of enclosure may not match exactly what is shown in the images.

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DIY Golf Enclosure Kit (Limited Run) Includes:

Black Nylon Enclosure

Actual Outer Dimensions: 100"H x 100"W x 59.125"D

The enclosure surrounds your simulator with a tough surface to shade the screen for your brightest image and catches any shots that miss or bounce off the screen. Because you don't want to put a bunch of golf ball-sized holes in your wall.

Preferred Impact Screen

Our highly popular preferred golf impact screen material is super smooth and gives great image quality.

  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1
  • Viewable Screen Dimensions: 91"H x 91"W, 128" Diagonal
  • 100% heavy-duty polyester
  • Strong silicone reinforcement
  • Tightly woven knit

Enclosure Frame

This kit includes the pipes you need to build your frame as well as the corner fittings to connect them. A complete golfing cage waiting for you.

Weight Bag

Secure the bottom flap of your screen with the included weighted bag.

Ball Bungees

Even our bungees are built to customize! We include both 6" and 9" ball bungees (you won't need them all). These secure your screen to the frame can be removed or added to find the perfect balance of tension for your specific swing style. Depending on how close you're hitting to the screen, ball speed, clubs used, and spin rates, you may not need them all to find your sweet spot between tension and slack.

DIY Golf Enclosure Set Up

See the install of a Carl's Place DIY Enclosure.

Note: This model of enclosure may not match exactly what's in the video.

Assembly Manual

This DIY Enclosure Kit assembles in approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the size. Of course, it goes a bit faster if you have a helper.

Get a head start by looking over the Assembly Instructions & User Manual.

Ordering Information

Limited Run Sizing

These golf enclosures are pre-kitted for sale as-is. As a retired-size enclosure, these are not compatible with other enclosure accessories on our site and we do not have stock of any replacement fittings should you need them. If you need a specific size enclosure, try building your own golf simulator with this customizer.


Your enclosure is ready to ship when you order. We'll get it out the door as soon as our friendly delivery driver can pick it up. Add it to your cart to see shipping options and delivery estimates.



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